Leo Wu and Hou Minghao’s drama ‘Our Times’ just Aired, Here’s the Synopsis and Cast

our times drama leo wu lei neo hou minghao
Photo: Tencent Video.

Overseasidol.com — On September 14, the youth-inspired drama “Our Times (启航:当风起时)” officially launched by WeTV.

This drama shows the entrepreneurial spirit of the character who starring by two handsome actors Leo Wu Lei and Neo Hou Minghao

In the drama, Leo Wu plays a character who sees the situation with a smile and boldly enters real life.

Pei Qinghua, played by Hou Minghao, is someone who reads the book business with passion and at the right time.”

They interpret their unique youth with burning passion.

This drama is adapted from Wang Qiang’s novel “Our Times (我们的时代)” which is about youth in the early 1990s.


In the early 1990s, with the deepening of reform and opening up, the development of the information industry opened a new chapter.

Two young men Xiao Chuang (Wu Lei) and Pei Qinghua (Hou Minghao) from Yenching University Institute of Computer Science and Technology are selected by director Tan Qizhang to join the trend of computer sales.

The researchers, led by the two, saw the timing right, caught wind of the policy, ranging from acting as foreign computer agents, and moving on to independent research and development.

This is the history of China’s rapid development at the end of the 20th century.


  • Leo Wu Lei as Xiao Chuang
  • Neo Hou Minghao as Pei Qinghua
  • Mao Xiaohui as Xie Hang
  • Xiang Hanzhi as Tan Yuan
  • Wang Xinjun as Tan Qizhang
  • Zhang Xiaoqian as Xu Yang
  • Gao Haipeng as Lin Yimin
  • Fang Wenqiang as Man Huansheng
  • Zou Yuanqing as Xu Yiwan
  • He Ao as Qi Rongbin