This Netizen Admits as Ding Zeren’s Girlfriend, Reveal that He is Cheating

ding zeren nex7
foto via Weibo/YH_NEXT_OFFICIAL. — On September 12, a netizen with the username “id85846335已注销” said that she was Ding Zeren’s boyfriend.

The two are known to have been in a relationship for two years and have now broken up.

The reason why she chose to announce this was her lover’s own behavior which made her depressed.

The netizen revealed that Zeren still looking at other girls while still in the relationship.

He also said that his ex had a lot of other girls he was hiding to cheat on.

To prove what he said, the netizen uploaded a photo of his lover’s body and a personal video of the handsome idol’s voice.

Ding Zeren is a young idol who was born in 1999 under Yuehua Entertainment.

He participated in “IdolProducer” in 2018 and became part of the boy group ‘NEX7’.

There is currently no clarification from Zeren himself regarding the netizen’s statement.

Because of this controversy, he became the talk of many other female netizens.