Chinese male idol fanclubs forbid fans about calling ‘Hubby’

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zhou zhennan santa into1
Photo: Weibo. — Recently, some fanclubs of male idols such as Zhou Zhennan and INTO1’s Santa released a statement for fans.

In the statement, the fan club strongly asks fans not to call their idols in vain.

They asked all fans not to call their idols like ‘baobei (darling), lao gong (hubby), lao po (wife), gong zhu (princess), mei mei (sister), nu er (little sister).

The statement was made following the ‘Qing Lang’ campaign implemented by the relevant government.

In the campaign, fans are required to pursue idols rationally and not fanatic at all.

To support this new rules, fans should call their idols proper and common names.

According to the Chinese government has resulted in a fan circle culture that has wreaked havoc on the entertainment industry.

Other fan clubs such as Zhang Jiayuan and Fu Sichao also released the same statement.

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