Jackie Chan and Liu Haocun Start Filming New Movie ‘Ride On’

Jackie Chan, Liu Haocun and Guo Qilin movie ride on
Photo: Weibo/电影圈日报.

Overseasidol.com — Chinese new movie “Ride On (龙马精神)”, written and directed by Yang Zi and starring Jackie Chan, Liu Haocun and Guo Qilin, was launched.

The blessing ceremony to start filming this film has been held on September 14, 2021.

During the ceremony, the legendary senior actor was seen hugging his co-star actress Liu Haochun.

Movie posters for the announcement of the main cast along with the director were also released on social media.

龙马精神 movie
Photo: Weibo/新浪娱乐.

This film focuses on the story of generations of dragon and tiger martial. Jackie Chan will play the role of a father who loves his daughter.

Jackie Chan will appear in his true ways this time with a handsome horse. The film also tells the story of the horse in the poster.

Yang Zi is a famous director of the movie “Adoring” which was released in the new year of 2020. Are you ready for this movie?