Thai Actor First Chalongrat Says He Likes Listening To BTS Songs

First Chalongrat BTS
Photo: Twitter. — First Chalongrat recently expressed his excitement after getting a gift from his international fans, the BTS Box Set.

He received a surprise gift from his international fans because he claimed himself as a fan boy of that South Korean boy group.

It was previously reported that he really likes Jin BTS and has been confirmed as his bias.

Reporting from, First admitted that he likes listening to BTS songs when he is at work or when he is stressed.

“I am very happy and very happy. I don’t think my fans know that I like Jin BTS so much.

I’ve liked BTS for a long time. I have followed their work all the time. When you are stressed at work, especially during these days, and my life is busy working on thesis.

I’m so stressed. I like listening to BTS songs. immediately feel happy, free from stress,” he said.

He also sometimes watches BTS music video and dances with the members.

This handsome actor is also currently waiting for BTS’s new song with all ARMYs in the world.