SKE48’s Ishida Anna Announces Marriage to Non-celebrity Man

eks ske48 ishida anna – Former SKE48 idol group member Ishida Anna has announced some happy news.

In her official Instagram post (@annaishida_0527), its announced that she is married to a non-celebrity man and has conceived their first child.

This announcement makes fans feel happy and surprised because so far Annya has never published about her relationship with her husband.

In an official statement on istagram, Annya said that she was deliberately not to publish names and photos because her husband is not a celebrity.

In addition, Annya also announced that she has left Horipro’s agency and will focus on becoming a wife and mother figure for her child later.

Annya said that she was very happy and could not wait for the birth of the baby who until now has not known what the gender of her child.