This Chinese Dramas Have Retitled and Reduced the Episode

a league of nobleman chinese drama
Drama "a league of nobleman", foto (Weibo). — On September 15, the PRC’s authorities announced the changes to the Chinese drama for August 2021.

Several dramas on the list that have to change the name in order to air on streaming platforms.

In addition, there are several dramas that have experienced a reduction in episodes, allegedly due to strict censorship.

One of Tencent Video’s web dramas “A League of Nobleman” underwent a Chinese title change as well.

The following is a list of dramas that have undergone changes and have also revealed their new titles.

  • A League of Nobleman, form Zhang Gong An (张公案) to “Jun Zi Meng (君子盟)”
  • Na Yi Tian (那一天) to “Zai Jian, Na Yi Tian (再见,那一天)”.
  • Chunfeng Yi Shu Taohua Kai (春风一树桃花开) into “Jia Nan Chuan (嘉南传)”.
  • First Love Again, Hao Xiang Da Sheng Shuo Ai Ni (好想大声说爱你) become “Di Er Ci Chulian (第二次初恋)”.
  • Tangxiao Shan Gankaoji (唐小山赶考记) become “Ti Jia Xiao Cainu (替嫁小才女)”.
  • Qian Yue Aiqing (牵约爱情) become “Wo You Yige Mimi Gaosu Ni (我有一个秘密告诉你)”.

The bad news is that the drama, starring Song Weilong and Jing Boran, also reduce the episode from 30 to 29.

This episode change is allegedly due to the tightening of drama censorship by Chinese Association Performing Arts.

Most drastically, Na Yi Tian only had 6 episodes out of 18 proposed episodes.