BonBon Girls 303 release their first English single

bonbon girls 303 members
Photo: Weibo/硬糖少女303.

Overseasidol.com — On September 15, Chinese girl group ‘BonBon Girls 303’ finally released an English single for the first time.

the group from CHUANG 2020 survival program released their song titled “Slay & Play” in English.

The song was previously released in Chinese version with its title “Shuang Ma Wei (双马尾)”.

Slay&Play has been released on digital music platforms such as QQ MusicKugou Music, and Kuwo Music.

This English version has a little different instrument, the music has been arranged from the original.

All the lyrics use English which makes the Curley Gao squad even more ‘slay’ when performing it.

‘Slay & Play’ was performed for the first time by the group on the final night of CHUANG 2021.

This song is part of a series of singles released for the group’s first anniversary.

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