Bosco Wong and Ron Ng Pose like Romantic Couple, Are They Dating?

bosco wong ron ng
foto via Weibo. — On September 14th, Bosco Wong uploaded some photos with his friend Ron Ng on a beach.

Bosco wrote in his Weibo, “It’s nice photo, why did we make it like this?,”.

In the photo he appears with actor Ron Ng enjoying the calm sea view like a couple.

ron ng bosco wong dating issue
Photo: Weibo/黄宗泽.

In fact, the two of them stared closely at each other in silhouettes like they were almost kissing.

The two of them were suspected of having enjoyed playing water on the beach because the clothes worn by the two handsome actors were wet.

Interestingly, the photo of them holding hands made netizens hysterical.

A netizen through the comments section responded, “I respect CP (couple) for the first time!,”.

There are also those who think they are dating by jokingly writing, “I wish you all are happy!,”.

“God bless you,” wrote another netizen.