Drama ‘Amazing Sisters’ Starring Liu Meitong and Wen Li Reveals The Release Date

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Photo: Wiebo.

Overseasidol.com — The drama titled “Amazing Sisters (金小气家族)” finally announced its premiere date!

This drama is starring by Liu Meitong and Wen Li as main cast, will officially air on September 19, 2021 on Mango TV or MGTV.

The web series also staring by Guan Chang, Ni Hanjin, Wen Yuqi, Han Yutong, Zhou Ziyue, Chang Jin, and Lin Meng.

The drama is produced by Mango TV and Damang Project, Wutang Culture and directed by He Jianan.

The series tells the story of a rich and complicated family, the Qian Family, the richest people in Beijing, led by five sisters.

The five princesses were called the “Five Beautiful Qian Women”. The eldest sister Qian Jinjin (played by Liu Meitong) is in charge of the whole situation.

The second sister Qian Yinyin (played by Wen Yuqi) is in charge of face value. The third sister Qian Zhuzhu (played by Han Yutong) is in charge of the power.

The fourth sister Qian Baobao (played by Guan Chang) is in charge of the koi fish. The last sister Qian Beibei (played by Zhou Ziyue) strikes a chord.

Qian Jinjin, the female president of the Chamber of Commerce, spreads ten miles of red makeup to chase after Yan Yaoyu (Wen Li), the son of the Yan family, causing a sensation in the city.

Yan Yaoyu, who was known as the most handsome man in town, thought that Qian Jinjin was defeated by his prosperous beauty.