Huang Xiaoming’s Film ‘Hearts Motive’ to be Released in Cinemas


Huang Xiaoming’s Film ‘Hearts Motive’ to be Released in Cinemas

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huang xiaoming movie Hearts Motive
Photo: Weibo.

Overseasidol.com — The film produced and starring Huang Xiaoming titled “Hearts Motive (最后的真相)” will be released on December 3, 2021.

This project was directed by Li Taige and also staring by Yan Ni, Tu Men, Adi Kan Qingzi, Zhang Jiaxin, and Wang Yinglu.

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In this film, Huang Xiaoming will play a lawyer. The suspenseful trailer for the film has also been released.

The defendant Jin Ximei, played by Yan Ni, is accused of being guilty of a murder case. Lawyer comes to help him to live.

To challenge the role of a lawyer, Huang Xiaoming prepared diet for three months in advance to become thinner.

Every scene has an attachment and excitement. The beautiful actress Adi Kan will have a debate scene in court in court.


Lawyer Ding Yifeng starring Huang Xiaoming has been banned by the entire industry for exposing the disgrace of his own law firm.

Coincidentally, he reappears and turns the losing suit into innocence, and fame and fortune follow suit.

But the truth of the case he solved was far from ‘simple’. Between justice and fame and fortune, he must make a choice!


  • Huang Xiaoming as Ding Yifeng
  • Yan Ni as Jin Ximei
  • Tu Men
  • Adi Kan
  • Zhang Jiaxin


On February 6, 2021, the film unveiled a concept poster. On March 30, the film starring Huang Xiaoming was announced on social media.