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‘Pelias Entertainment’ Cai Xukun’s Old Agency Has Bad Reputation?


‘Pelias Entertainment’ Cai Xukun’s Old Agency Has Bad Reputation?

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Photo: Weibo. — According to the Tianyancha App, Cai Xukun’s old agency, Pelias Entertainment, had an executions list by the court.

Recently, it was reported that the agency will be executed by the Shanghai Pudong New Area Court.

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The plaintiff in this case is Zhu, and asked the court to have the agency pay 34,310.34 yuan (US$5.328).

The application was filed on May 31. The court froze all bank accounts found in the company’s name, but their money was reportedly insufficient to pay.

The court did not find ownership of buildings, vehicles, and securities or account funds in the names of companies and other properties.

Since then, Pelias Entertainment was put on a list of dishonest businesses and the consumption of its purchases has been restricted.

This added to a lot of suspicions about Pelias suing Cai Xukun few days ago.

The court will open the case on September 17. Previously Pelias had also sued and withdrawn the lawsuit against Cai Xukun.