Netizen Say Huo Zun Has A New Girlfriend

huo zun chen lu ex girlfriend
Huo Zun, Chen Lu. Photo: Weibo. — Recently, a netizen on Weibo revealed the follow-up to the dispute between Huo Zun and his ex Chen Lu.

Previously, it was reported that Chen Lu revealed that her ex-boyfriend having fum with other girl when they in relationship

On her Weibo account, he uploaded evidence of her ex’s chat with his friends talking about other girl and text inappropriately.

Due to this controversy, the popular singer announced his retirement from the entertainment showbiz.

Not only that, all of his songs can no longer be played on music digital platforms.

It was reported that because of this matter, Huo Zun had lost all his work and had been reluctant to leave the house all day.

The netizen revealed that Huo Zun already has a prettier lover and uploaded a photo of them.

He also revealed that Chen Lu had been summoned several times during this period to court.

According to this netizen, Chen Lu once called Huo Zun for negotiations, but Huo Zun didn’t answer.

It was also reported from NetEase Entertainment that Chen Lu was suspected of extortion. If this case went to court, Chen Lu would probably be arrested.

He also revealed evidence about Chen Lu asking Huo Zun for 3 million yuan initially calculated based on 1100 yuan per day for 7 years and 4 months.

This 1,100 yuan per day was the cost of taking a taxi before seeing Huo Zun, so he had to pay a daily taxi fare of 100 yuan.

Chen Lu changed the ‘break-up fee’ to 9 million yuan but Huo Zun said he didn’t have the money.

The girl also said that she could borrow money from her good brother and Wang Meng (Huo Zun’s friend) would pay for it.

The evidence that Chen Lu swore and scolded Huo Zun badly was overwhelming.