This Fan Reveals Li Quanzhe’s Bad Attitudes, Having Fun with Girls in Korea

li quanzhe nex7
foto via Weibo. —On 13th September, a fan exposed Li Quanzhe’s bad attitudes which said he liked to having fun with girls.

Netizens with an username oh her Weibo “HAMSTER0122_李权哲” exposed his idol’s bad attitudes and demanded an apology from him.

Since debut, how many times have I taken pictures of you when you met by chance and dated a girl. Do you want to remember it for you?

On planes and on flights with fans, when your groupmates find out that you won’t be allowed to upload them.

You still have to tell your teammates not to upload it, so be reluctant to let go~

In 2019, the fanclub account has received private messages from fans, who knows it’s your boyfriend or your friend’s Weibo, I really can’t take the time~

Previously, Li Quanzhe and Ding Zeren had been reported to be very irresponsible when they were dating a girl.

A few days ago, fans revealed that the idol was not only photographed traveling with the girl many times, but also treated her feelings very irresponsibly.

li quanzhe scandal

He was accused of sleeping with several girls and having sex without using protection.

20 years ago, you secretly went to Korea for a date.

Finally, I must say that you will meet that girl again, it really is you! Today, let everyone see you and your face! Li Quanzhe please come out and apologize! ! !

Fans who caught their idol on a date even scolded them even though fans asked him to repent so that his career would run smoothly.

Because he ignored suggestions from fans several times, the netizen said the fans had had enough and were still dating too.

There has been no clarification from Li himself or Yuehua Entertainment until now.